Physical Gold vs Digital Gold

Problem & Solution
DinarDirham resolves all the typical problems associated with traditional gold investment and trading by providing a modern, digital alternative to an outdated and convoluted industry reserved only for society’s elite.
Buying physical gold today comes with,
High premiums to buy and discounts to sell
Limited or no access to the gold
Storage and Insurance fees
Inability to travel with gold
Inability to divide gold should you need to sell just a fraction
Can sell back only to the same dealer if stored internationally.
“If you have the ability to back something genuine – if you are able to have the virtues of a cryptocurrency with the virtues of gold as a store of value – then it is a match made in heaven, because the big knock on gold has always been that it’s not practical to deal with in today’s financial system because it’s really cumbersome. If you wanted to make change from a gold coin or bars and sit there with a chisel and hammer, it’s just not practical in the digital world and I think that was a really big issue for gold for a number of years.”
DinarDirham vision is to provide redundancy to the banking system instead of becoming intertwined with bank credits, defaults and counterparty risks. Ideally, DinarDirham envisions a system where every person can be their own central bank and own vault to store Gold digitally secure.
Like bitcoin, Dinar Coin is an open-source currency, allowing users to download and inspect the code behind the digital currency. For the company, this currency will bring new, distinctive, features to the market of alternative currencies. Dinar Coin is not real competition for bitcoin. Rather, it is merely a simpler way to transfer gold, as akin to PayPal with dollars. The aim of the DinarDirham is not only to provide additional value and stability to the coin but also to perpetuate the use of bullion as an accepted form of digital currency.
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