The future of schools and education is probably the most important topic in the Pre-order the Future project. To highlight its vitality we dedicated our second Prince Ea collaboration film to education. Comment and share if you feel that education is key when we are building a better future for our children.

The education system is one of the most important things in any country. Only the country that educates its kids properly has a chance of a truly great future. However, in most countries today, all that the school systems do, is prepare their students to fit into the current system. But is that real education?


Adakah ANDA ingin berusaha utk memerdekakan ekonomi keluarga sendiri? Tekad tak mau terus terikat dlm dunia kerjaya makan gaji selamanya dgn bergantung sepenuhnya byrn gaji bulanan yg terhad…Jom jadi usahawan terawal meraih peluang menjana Pendptan Pasif secara berjemaah melalui Payplan menarik ini…
Jom jdikan hp mesin $$ kita di sini..

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